Dash MacIntyre’s Top 15 Comedy Articles Of 2022!

Dash MacIntyre
4 min readJan 1, 2023
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1. Trump’s White House Chef Just Published A Tell-All Book About His Eating Habits
When I started my satire website The Halfway Post in 2017, this was my first viral article, and it went viral in my second week of writing satire. This definitely fooled me into thinking going viral would be easy. I doubled the length of the article for Medium, and it’s fitting it has been my top article here as well.

2. Trump’s Presidential Library Just Opened, And It’s… Odd
This one is definitely one of my most clever pieces! I particularly love the Elaine Chao book title.

3. Donald Trump Is Suing His Grandchildren For Breaching Their Non-Disclosure Agreements
This one is satire for now, but give it a few years…

4. Donald Trump Called Ivanka A “Hot Piece Of Meat” He’d “Love To Drizzle Ketchup On All Over”
Does Trump’s enduring public affection for Ivanka mean he’s not 100% a sociopath?

5. Trump’s Stupidest Excuses So Far For Stealing Nuclear Secrets
Stealing nuclear secrets is the kind of thing that’s too outlandish to satirically make up about Trump, but not so outlandish that he didn’t apparently literally do it.

6. A Former White House Staffer Just Leaked Crazy Trump Secrets!
On Twitter I’m sometimes accused by MAGA trolls of having Trump Derangement Syndrome, but Trump is just such a goldmine of all the very worst cultural traits of America crammed so tightly into such an unbelievably cartoonish villain of moral and ethical anarchy who has been promoted politically so conspicuously above his level of intellectual competence that the comedic ideal of punching up just means that there is literally no one in America more deserving of my daily mockery. And the fact that he’s still the only person definitively running for president in 2024 means that’s not going to change anytime soon.

7. Biologists Have Translated The Dolphin Language, And They Say It’s Filled With Slur Words For Humans
I love writing a good comedy list, and I love mocking anthropocentrism. Humanity really does not deserve much respect from our fellow global species.

8. Someone In The FBI Leaked What Was Found At Mar-A-Lago!
This is the kind of article I could keep adding on to for the rest of my life.

9. A Transcript Of One Of Trump’s Phone Calls With Putin Was Leaked
I would pay good money to hear the interpreter from Trump’s infamous meeting with Putin in Helsinki explain what they talked about with no American national security officials in the room.

10. Donald Trump’s Uncle Who Works At MIT Thinks He’s An Idiot
I love when people fact-check me on this one about how Trump’s uncle died in 1985.

11. I Found Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Online Dating Profile!
When Lauren Boebert gets divorced, I will do this style of piece for her too.

12. Insane Texts Have Already Been Found On Alex Jones’s Phone
Conspiracy theorists are fun to write in the voice of because I don’t actually have to look anything up or do any fact-checking because they wouldn’t do any. Alex Jones may have had the worst 2022 of anyone, and that’s quite an honor among a crowded field that includes Elon Musk, Donald Trump, Kanye West, and Andrew Tate.

13. Biologists Just Named A New Monkey Species That Pee On Each Other After Donald Trump
I’m quite proud of how scientifically plausible I made this piece.

14. A Homophobic Televangelist Claims His Gay Sex Tape Is “All A Big Misunderstanding”
This one makes me laugh out loud every time I reread it. Homosexual homophobes are so spectacularly hypocritical I just can’t help myself but imagine them getting caught in the gayest possible scandals.

15. Who Is Trump’s Mole? Here Are The Top Suspects
Donald Trump is so emotionally incapable of empathy, humility, tact, and loyalty that I don’t believe he has ever had any real friends, except Jeffrey Epstein for a little bit before Trump apparently screwed over Epstein in a real estate deal. So this piece was fun to consider the various motives that Trump’s closest “friends” and family members have to betray him.

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