The Funniest Tweets About Donald Trump’s Descent Into Madness

Dash MacIntyre
5 min readSep 24, 2022


He’s devolving mentally.

(Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour | Public Domain CC 1.0)

BREAKING: Donald Trump says that the FBI stole all of Melania’s belongings, abducted her, and even forged a virtually perfect fake letter from Melania to him in which she says she never loved him.

BREAKING: Eric Trump just showed up at the NY Attorney General’s office wearing a Thomas the Tank Engine t-shirt and a baseball cap backwards to tell Letitia James she can’t charge him with any crimes because he’s “just a kid.”

BREAKING: Donald Trump was reportedly just notified by his accountants that Melania has been removing him as an authorized user from all of her credit cards.

BREAKING: Eric Trump is reportedly worried because his dad made him sign an unusually large bunch of documents the night before the Letitia James press conference about their $250 million fine for fraud.

BREAKING: A spokesperson for the FBI says that if Trump keeps lying about their lawful search of Mar-a-Lago, they’ll release a photo they took of his closet full of adult diapers.

BREAKING: Donald Trump’s lawyers, with straight faces, just told a judge that, unless Trump flushed a document down the toilet, it was declassified.

BREAKING: Barron Trump keeps pranking his dad by yelling out every couple hours, “Dad, the FBI is here again!”

BREAKING: Eric Trump introduced his step-mom Melania at a Mar-a-Lago gala tonight by calling her “Malaria” three times.

Because of Letitia James and New York’s $250 million fine, now Donald Trump’s lawyers are definitely never going to be paid.

BREAKING: Donald Trump says that if the DOJ indicts him, he better get on the cover of Time Magazine for having the biggest indictment in US history.

BREAKING: Donald Trump just interrupted a funeral ceremony at Mar-a-Lago to give a Christian sermon about the importance of buying $199 Trump Indulgences™ so everyone can get into Heaven “so fast and easy you won’t believe it!”

BREAKING: Donald Trump claims Democrats are somehow rigging his own Truth Social app against him because his “Truths” have lost engagement since the FBI…



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