Trump’s Presidential Library Just Opened, And It’s… Odd

Dash MacIntyre
3 min readJul 7, 2022
Photo by Gabriel Sollmann

The official President Donald Trump Library in Palm Beach, Florida, has finally opened its doors, though it’s quite unique as far as presidential libraries go.

In lieu of the traditional trove of official records and archival documents, Trump’s presidential library just has a plaque on the wall that says, “Everything I did was perfect, legal, tremendous, better than Obama, and sexy.”

Most of the interior space was taken up by a McDonalds restaurant, which had a framed photograph on the wall of Donald Trump eating the very first Filet-O-Fish sandwich fried in the building.

There was very little inside that could be described as literary, but there was one bookshelf that featured the following books for sale authored by various personalities in Trump’s political orbit:

  • Mike Pence — “Getting Hard: How The Trump-Pence Presidency Erected Global Leadership
  • Mike Pompeo — “A Book Of Poems For Iowa And New Hampshire To Earn Their Vote In 2024
  • Ivanka Trump — “Glass Ceiling: If I Could Become An Executive Advisor To The President, Any Girl Can
  • Jared Kushner — “Boy Wonder: How I Brought Peace To The Middle East By Just Ignoring The Palestinians
  • Lindsey Graham — “101 Ways To End Ted Cruz On The Senate Floor”
  • Donald Trump Jr. — “Presidents’ Sons: 45 Reasons Why I’m A Better Son Than Hunter Biden
  • Elaine Chao — “Senate Kama Sutra: Illustrated Lessons I Learned On Sensual Passion With My Magnificent Lover, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell
  • Steven Mnuchin — “Steve Of Arabia: One Man’s Journey To Get $2 Billion From The Saudi Government
  • Rick Perry — “The Student Secretary: Why I Stopped Trying To Kill The Department Of Energy After I Learned What It Did
  • Eric Trump — “The Art Of The Deal: Children’s Cancer Charity Edition
  • Ben Carson — “From Parietal Lobes to Pyramids: How a Surgeon Upset A Millennia Of Misunderstanding About Ancient Egypt’s Granaries
  • Melania Trump — “Becoming Melania” (Not to be confused with Michelle Obama’s book titled “Becoming”)



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