The Week That Trump, Like A Nazi, Called Americans “Vermin”

The state of US politics this week, and some Dada News headlines.

Dash MacIntyre
4 min readNov 17, 2023


Official White House photo (cropped) by Tu Dufour | via Public Domain CC 1.0

Trump spent Veterans’ Day saying America’s enemies are within, and are “vermin.” He, or someone around him like Stephen Miller obviously chose that word specifically. He is also vowing a second Trump Administration would overhaul the DOJ, prosecute Biden and his other political opponents, deport Muslims, and round them up in some kind of concentration camps. It’s straight out of the Nazi playbook. Trump wants to deputize National Guard troops and police to round up immigrants with vibes of German brownshirts or Italian blackshirts. Are we in 1932?

Some other thoughts on US politics:

You know what’s nice? I forgot the name of Joe Biden’s chief-of-staff. I can’t remember most of his Cabinet. Isn’t it nice when an administration just competently carries out its responsibilities, and we don’t know everyone’s names because they’re not all doing evil shit or repeatedly committing crimes? I don’t know even one of Biden’s personal lawyers!

If Donald Trump loses again in 2024 and tries another coup, can we call it the “Covfefederacy” please?

When Mar-a-Lago inevitably goes bankrupt when Trump is imprisoned or dies, let’s crowdsource a fundraiser to buy it, tear it down, and replace it with Trump’s biggest nemesis: windmills.

If Donald Trump was alive in the 1850s, how many slaves do you think he’d personally own?

Donald Trump Jr.’s phone must be a goldmine of video rants he recorded that made him look too drugged up even for him to post.

This Week’s Dada News Headlines:

  • Since several TikTok videos illuminating Ted Cruz’s awfulness have gone viral, the Texas senator has reportedly been getting bullied by teens and pre-teens everywhere he has gone in public for the last two weeks.
  • Ivanka Trump won the Mar-a-Lago beauty pageant hosted by Donald Trump for the 22nd consecutive year.
  • During an early Thanksgiving-themed event at Mar-a-Lago, Melania Trump was heard audibly muttering under her breath, “Fuck this, I’m gonna kill him” every…



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