The Republican Party Is Unserious

Thoughts and rhetorical questions on this week’s political chaos coming from the GOP.

Dash MacIntyre
10 min readNov 16, 2023


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House Republicans

  • How would you grade Mike Johnson’s speakership so far? Do you think Mike Johnson will last longer than a year?
  • Johnson just made a deal to keep the government open with a lot of Democratic votes, and only a slight majority of Republicans voted for it. This led to Steve Bannon calling him out as now being on borrowed time. Is Steve Bannon relevant? He owes 4 months in prison and a fine that he has delayed with several appeals. Will he have a “Mein Kampf” cultural moment while pretending to be a martyr?
  • The bipartisan deal kicks the can down the road and creates two new deadlines — in Jan. 19, and Feb. 2 — which will of course prompt further standoffs risking shutdowns again.
  • Who is an alternative if Republicans sour on Johnson?
  • Back to McCarthy? Jim Jordan? Another hail mary back bencher?
  • Is the Republican Speaker of the House an impossible job? Is the term “Republican speaker” now an oxymoron, because who can honestly be a speaker for this wild caucus tent cramming together roughly three groups: MAGA bomb-throwers, center-right normies who appreciate that the federal government exists, and 18 extra-moderate Republicans in districts that Biden won in 2020?
  • How will Johnson and the Freedom Caucus meaningfully legislate with a Democratic Senate and Democratic presidential veto to avoid those potential shutdowns early next year?

There is a lot of fighting in the GOP caucus

  • House Republicans are talking so much shit on each other, Democratic attack ads this cycle will be able to just use Republicans’ words against themselves. They are accusing each other of accomplishing nothing for the American people, breaking promises, obstructing government, etc.
  • Also, just a couple days ago, Representative Tim Burchette accused Kevin McCarthy of shoving him and punching him in some kidneys shots, calling him a “chicken” with “no guts.” Then Oklahoma Senator Markwayne Mullins challenged the head of the Teamsters Sean O’Brien…



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