The Republican Party Is A Farce of Sincerity

Dash MacIntyre
4 min readSep 17, 2022


In an objective sense, Democrats 100% deserve to keep the House for two more years.

Photo by caterina sanders on Unsplash

I was thinking today about how media on the political Right is a farce of sincerity.

Specifically, I was remembering the controversy following President Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki leaving to work for MSNBC. The media on the Right insisted that it proves Democrats have an incestual relationship with the mainstream media, as if Donald Trump’s Administration and Fox News were not a revolving door for each other.

As if all the opinion hosts at Fox don’t have regular phone calls with Donald Trump, and text him daily during his months-long coup conspiracies, and didn’t text him even in the middle of his deadly insurrection hail mary attempt to stay in the White House.

As if Fox doesn’t provide pavlovian cover for Republicans 24/7, and hide and ignore all negativity about Republicans’ political interests unless an individual Republican official is breaking from the party’s Tucker Carlson-approved groupthink.

What angers me is how performatively Republicans act in bad faith because the Right wing media rallies around Donald Trump as Dear Leader over every issue du jour with instinctual loyalty to party zealotry.

The Republican Party is sending this country off the ledge as Republicans off the record admit Donald Trump is utterly unfit to drive the car. There are many capable drivers in the car with him waiting to take over, yet nobody is courageously willing to say a thing as he careens back and forth toward the edge.

And in Congress, there is an unwieldy stool with three legs of theocratic fundamentalists, the monied and corporate, and paleoconservatives operating under various delusions like QAnon, admiration for Vladimir Putin, and ethno-nationalism that have made legislative progress in America almost impossible.

Imagine for a moment Republicans had Congressional power a few weeks ago. Do you think they might have impulsively voted to defund the FBI after the search and seizure of Mar-a-Lago for the top secret documents Trump had no right to be holding onto at a country club? Would they do it to save their Dear Leader?



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