Sorry If I’ve Been Obscene, I’m Just A Relic Of The Holocene

Eight poems about the humanity of being a writer

Dash MacIntyre


Photo by Gleb Lucky on Unsplash

[I hope you had a great Thanksgiving holiday! These following poems will be featured in my upcoming poetry book, Moon Goon.]

The Spectacular Specialization Of Labor

the peregrination of humanity

is in growing wheat for hallucinogenic beer

and then steady stable consistent food

building cities around the fertile spots

and specializing labor ever more creatively.

live a life of personal eras and flaunt your artistic renaissances

charming those who watch you grow

happy to never count you out.

looking through an old notebook

I found a page ripped out and wondered what it had been

what secret I destroyed

or message I tore out and passed

or embarrassment of art I wanted scratched from the record.

I’m my only biographer I’ll ever have

and I’ll never know.

10,000 Hours

following vice of mind things are happening fast

and then a little kind of dull

just a ship out in the foam

far away where the waves don’t bob

a forgotten swampy nowhere muck

of decaying musk and floating dea=d things

with throats full of straws and I can’t think or swim

my compass is bent and broke and I need a valve in me

somewhere to release the surplus black bile gases

and I’m choking as the blood in me is stunned

and everyone’s asking their neighbors what the hold up is down ahead

so I put my head down and just keep going

and find myself up a tree alone on my own

where there are creeping tigers on the prowl



Dash MacIntyre

Comedian, political satirist, and poet. Created The Halfway Post. Check out my comedy book Satire In The Trump Years, and my poetry book Cabaret No Stare.