Republicans Get Credit For Wrecking America, Democrats Get Blamed For Spending Money To Fix It

Dash MacIntyre
5 min readOct 25, 2021

Biden’s Build Back Better agenda is hugely popular and desperately needed, so why can’t the media discuss anything beyond the price tag?

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This week’s top media talking point was a #DemsInDisarray Build Back Better edition, and every pundit worth their bloviating got in a hot take on how Democrats are losing the messaging war on President Biden’s progressive agenda.

“All Americans know about the deal is the price tag!” exclaimed journalists who have only reported the price tag, and, “Biden’s approval ratings would go up if only Americans knew how popular the deal’s components are!” insisted commentator panels who only debated the politics of the price tag.

To be fair to the media’s penchant for lazy talking points, the Build Back Better deal has been aggravatingly whittled down recently by Joe Manchin and further whittled rather inexplicably by Kyrsten Sinema, whose demands relating to Medicare price negotiations and corporate tax hikes on billionaires seem to betray many of the promises on which she campaigned. But many of the core Biden policies “care economy” and Progressive Caucus priorities are still included, and very, very popular. If only journalists and cable news panels bloviated about the merits of these policies and priorities, and how beneficial they’ll be for average Americans instead of merely the price tag!

Despite the week’s seesawing of optimism and pessimism on whether or not Manchin and Sinema might jointly or individually kill the bill entirely, culminating in a perturbing scoop from David Corn that Manchin might imminently leave the Democratic Party, Biden’s timely CNN town hall on Thursday helped alleviate some weekend anxiety by adding some weight for the seesaw on optimism’s side with his calm confidence that a deal would be made.

May Biden’s confidence be vindicated because if Democrats scrap the Build Back Better agenda, it would be an unforced political error in unprecedented magnitude given the coming governmental catastrophe if Democrats get shellacked in another first term presidency midterm election coinciding with census-driven redistricting dominated by Republicans’ majority of rural state legislatures, echoing their very…



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