QAnon Fans Are Claiming Jill Biden Is Secretly A Man

Dash MacIntyre
3 min readSep 9, 2022
Edited photo by Tarik Haiga

The extremist MAGA-fan Q of the QAnonymous group has just unveiled his latest conspiracy theory, that First Lady Joe Biden is only pretending to be a woman.

QAnon explained this theory in a video he released last night wearing a Guy Fawkes mask and using a voice-garbler to preserve his anonymity.

“All I’m saying is do your research,” Q said. “There’s definitely something suspicious about the person who claims they’re Jill Biden. You can’t trust most videos that claim Jill is a man because almost everyone peddles the Deep State lie that ‘Jill’ is female. There’s only a handful of videos on YouTube that tell the truth!”

Q’s explanation then goes down quite a rabbit hole.

“It turns out Jill Biden is actually a gay Muslim man from Saudi Arabia named Muhammed Baba, who was a big time weightlifter and died of AIDS in the 80s… only Muhammed didn’t really die. He didn’t have AIDS at all! That’s only what George Soros and the Clintons wanted everyone to think! And they made up the lie with the help of the Deep State CIA so they could smuggle Muhammed into the US. Then they relocated him to Delaware to meet Joe Biden, seduce him, and radicalize him in order to try and turn America Arab with Obama! And Obama almost got away with until Donald Trump beat Hillary just in time to keep America Christian! But Joe Biden is so sleepy and braindead he doesn’t even realize his ‘wife’ is a Muslim man! I guess Jill doesn’t go down into the basement very often. In fact, all the top female Democrats are actually male, Muslim terrorists. Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, and AOC are all liar imposters. And they help Jill disguise himself by making sure to always hand Jill a tampon when Joe Biden is around. And when sleepy Joe is close enough to overhear their conversations, they gossip together about all the casual, every day female topics, like how bad they are at driving, how much blood they had in their last periods, and how overdue they are for getting an abortion. They’ve gotten very good at being indistinguishable from real women. But the whole Biden family is filled with Muslim men. It’s the biggest deep fake in American history! Biden doesn’t even have any granddaughters at all! They just shave their beards and legs every day, and walk around holding boxes of…

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