One Of Trump’s Chefs At Mar-A-Lago Quit, Says He Can’t Unsee What He Saw

Dash MacIntyre
4 min readJun 23, 2023
Photo by Fabrizio Magoni on Unsplash

Chef Abe Pleisher, an assistant chef at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort who just quit his job after only two weeks on the job, gave an interview on the podcast The Political Insider Guy about the “truly absurd” things he witnessed on the job:

  • Trump would order a meal he called “The Donald” from McDonalds most days for lunch, and McDonalds employees knew what it meant: three Big Mac sandwiches cooked well-done and smothered with ketchup, and an M&M McFlurry with all the brown M&Ms removed.
  • Trump loves to reach across the table during meals and eat off of other people’s plates to assert his dominance over them.
  • Trump drinks a can of Diet Coke every 27 minutes, and leaves lipstick stains on the rim.
  • Trump forbids his chefs to bring him any foods that are green in color so he never has to eat a vegetable.
  • When Stephen Miller dines with Trump, Miller meticulously takes off all the skin of his fried chicken with a knife and fork in as big of pieces as possible, and sets it to the side of his plate. Then, he removes all the lean meat and discards it. The fat that’s left he places on a spoon and slurps it like it’s an oyster. Then he takes home the skin in bags he brings for unknown reasons.
  • Trump likes to go into the kitchen before dinners and spit in his guests’ food, and he makes the staff sign nondisclosure agreements about it when they first get hired.
  • To look strong and tough in front of other people, Trump likes to send back the dishes brought to him with some complaint about it not being prepared right, and the servers know to just wait in the kitchen for a couple minutes before bringing back the same exact plate with no changes made.
  • Trump changes into stretchy pants before his meals because he says buttons are “rigged against him.”
  • When dining with businessmen, Trump always says the same joke while ordering: “I’d like a chicken breast sandwich, hold the chicken.”
  • The chefs have learned to always double everything Trump orders because of how often he hears bad news about his criminal investigations, indictments, and civil lawsuits, and then throws his plates against the…



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