Hemisphere Strangers: An American In China

Seven poems about visiting Yiwu, Longjing, and Hangzhou.

Dash MacIntyre


Photo by kit sanchez on Unsplash

The Vacation

muddy raccoon paw prints are on my luggage

stashed in my enclosed corner

of the apartment building’s basement.

I hope they enjoyed their trip

and I admire their sneakiness with my bags

having brought them back before I noticed they were gone.

Eating In Yiwu China

I look for a restaurant with english

and if I can’t find one I look for at least menu pictures on the wall

until I find one with price numbers printed in the corners

and then walk in and point on the wall

give the money and see what comes out.

Hemisphere Strangers

on the top of leifeng pagoda up seven flights of stairs

an old chinese man looking half mummified already

huffs his way to the top using his cane each step

and arrives finally at the top

and through the doorway to the view of west lake

he smiles to and at himself

and taps his cane on the ground a couple satisfied times

and sees me a young american sharing the view

and he smiles at me and says something and beams

and I smile back and point and smile again

and he wanders off to the other side and another view

and I wonder which is more beautiful

the horizon of topographical serenity

or that both of us hemisphere strangers

might today share it.

Longjing Tea Fields

the tea fields wrapped around the wooded hillsides

in every direction from the village the taxi dropped us off in

my hostel friends from holland and portugal

and we started walking further down the road



Dash MacIntyre

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