Hallucinations Of A Poet

Eight poems about thinking too hard about nothing.

Dash MacIntyre
4 min readSep 25


Photo by Marco Testi on Unsplash

The Absurd

there are times where the lives of my other universe selves

seem arranged like standing dominoes

or a flipbook shown in a kinetoscope peephole

backwards and forwards in a tunnel of space and time

and I see all the stepping stone moments in all the bubbles of me

I am a few billion linear seconds on a planet moving fast

in circles around a sun moving even faster

and I exist always and existence is a ruse

fooled with chemicals into thinking I have agency

with specified cells turning ocular tricks

seeing things upside down and fixing it in post.

The Incomprehensible Man

the incomprehensible man thinks everything is intolerable

and it’s decadence for the others to not follow along

his thousand page theses

and moral rot for them to not agree

with his footnoted ranting conclusions

and he will not accept the notion

cannot accept the notion

that his ideas have all been impenetrable and unintelligible.

Nonliving Atoms

we are a series of contradictions:

nonliving atoms make up living cells

single self-sufficient cells make up complex cooperative organ systems

in an essenceless existence with an existenceless essence

like a hole in the plot and humans have a habit

of getting pretty weird connecting the dots.

The Stranger

who hasn’t been a stranger walking on the beach

under a homicidal taunting algerian sun hissing

‘adversus solem ne loquitor’

assaulting every bare foot in the sand and blinding



Dash MacIntyre

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