For Medium Writers’ And Readers’ Eyes Only

Poems about writers, literacy, and the posterity of your written words

Dash MacIntyre
4 min readDec 7, 2023


I want books

mountains of books decaying all around me

with me their empathies crackling into vanilla powder

because even though life’s short and then nothing

a well-rounded education of others’ famous thoughts

is an enlightened enough use of your amusement time.

Thank A Writer

you sleep to get your eight hours and keep the yawns away

when earning your bread and rent.

meanwhile a lightbulb in the window

illuminates at night the three am goings-on

in a corner office apartment square

with a writer hunched at the desk

computer glowing against a silhouette

writing the things we would all be reading

in breakfast newspapers and lunch break website pages.

google owes every writer money

for the search engine assistance they’ve provided

with their copious quests for synonyms

fact-checks and trips to self-education

relevant to their daily paragraphs.

golden hours are for poets

leave us alone and don’t knock on our doors

till we turn on the lights.

Morning Routine

leaded coffee is penance for the writer spilling everyone’s secrets

dark and hard pummeling tastebuds with black sewage gulps

bringing your sewers to life with funneled caffeine fumes

and dehydrating turbo boosts straight to your neuronry

for typing out all it’s got this morning

and three hours later in a sudden onslaught you are moribund

desperately starving but not hungry



Dash MacIntyre

Comedian, political satirist, and poet. Created The Halfway Post. Check out my comedy book Satire In The Trump Years, and my poetry book Cabaret No Stare.