Everybody Do Your Part

A poem about a bare minimum of societal expectation.

Dash MacIntyre
1 min readOct 12, 2022


Photo by Lerone Pieters via Pexels

I was somewhere in Harlem in the one-hundred-forties

waiting for the white walker sign to let me cross

when I was grabbed by the arm

and found a head nestling into my shoulder and neck

and I pulled out an ear bud

and heard the aggressive heckling

of licentious things about her body

and she looked back and told him

“my boyfriend will beat your ass”

so I stood up a little taller and looked back

and pointed at him with my finger

and he stopped and walked back the other way

muttering about women these days

and as we crossed the street

she made sure he was gone

and she took a left

and I continued on.

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Dash MacIntyre

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