Eight Poems For Your Mid-Week

Various thoughts from the mind of Dash MacIntyre

Dash MacIntyre
3 min readJun 6, 2024


Photo by Leonardo Baldissara on Unsplash

Mango Sticky Rice

I am honored but no I insist I say

to my thai friend’s manager at the thai restaurant

as she says she will comp my dinner

I appreciate the thought but I have a company card

let me give you my company’s money

it’s not mine

your restaurant should have it

let’s corporate robin hood this dinner

and she insists I take another mango sticky rice

and I am almost too full to function from all the plates she brought me

but she makes me take it to go

and that’s the kind of economy that makes a country great.

Complicated Compliments

it’s nice to hear she thought

but weird coming from you

someone your age

I’m old enough to be your daughter

keep those thoughts on the inside.

Give Me Another



Dash MacIntyre

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