I am a comedian, political satirist, and poet from St. Louis. I publish all three here on Medium frequently so follow me to keep up with my almost daily writing studio.

I created The Halfway Post so if you're a politics addict like me you can follow me on Twitter here and Threads here to interrupt your daily doomscrolling with my liberal Dada news.

Here is my Linktree to see all that I'm up to at the moment

If I’ve made you laugh here on Medium, check out my book “Satire In The Trump Years: The Best Of The Halfway Post” available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and various bookstores across the country including this local St. Louis bookstore you should support.

I've also publish a poetry book, Cabaret No Stare.

If you like my work, share it! You can also buy me a coffee!

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Comedian, political satirist, and poet. Created The Halfway Post. Check out my comedy book Satire In The Trump Years, and my poetry book Cabaret No Stare.